About the Artists

Eyes Everywhere is a collective photo project in which women around the world dialogue through images. Participating artists come and go in this liquid reality, but must of them stay. These are the names and places where we – nomads- come from:

Agnès Btffn (France/Palestine/Norway),
Aimee Lee (USA/Korea),
Ayanna Jolivet McCloud (USA),
Carolina de la Peña (México),
Chispillatronik (Barcelona/México),
Denisse Moreno (México/Bangkok/USA),
Dimple S. Shah (India),
Elizabeth Merchantg (Czech Republic/México),
Elizabeth Ross (Mexico/Spain/Anywhere),
Eva Brünner-Szabo (Austria),
Florence Babin (France),
Inge Hoonte (Netherlands/USA),
Inka X Resch (Hawaii/Germany/Dubai),
Ireri Castro (México),
Josefina Martos (Spain),
Kaneng Lolang (Burkina Faso),
Katarina Nikolov (Macedonia),
Lao Mun Leng (Malaysia/UK),
Liu Fan (China/Germany),
Lola López-Cózar (Spain),
Marta Rial Vázquez (Spain),
Mercedes Fidanza (Argentina),
Mónica Zenizo (Mexico),
Naikari (Spain/France),
Neslihan Özgenç (Türkiye),
Nicole Rademacher (USA/Chile),
Reyes Sedano (Spain/Ecuador),
Rosa Borrás (México),
Sandra Petrovich (Uruguay/Belgium),
Teresa Puig (Spain/Norway/Azerbaijan),
Vivian Vivas (Venezuela/USA),
Yehudi Villa (México/Germany),

2016 is our tenth year of sharing among us and with you all.


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