Aleha Solano


“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.”
~ Sanskrit proverb

AlehaSolano (Bogotá 1980) is a urban researcher, performance artist, producer & manager of cultural experiences from Latin America to the world. With diverse audiences found in museums, galleries & urban public spaces, her most recent interventions have been based on gender interaction symbolically seeking to revive the inanimate. Projections through the installed voice over empty spaces appear to release the stored energy in daily life. Through her work she seeks to give life to this imagery that has prolonged the tradition & the status quo of the inhabitants in the city, showing its secrets, reviving the collective memory to construct a portrait of a society and an era.

Curatorial Creator & Cultural Manager of the First Female Performers Encounter: Hilma Af Klint hold in Bogotá 2016,  and besides Colombia, she has performed at the Miami Performance International Festival and Garden Party Par Deux and Panoply Performance Laboratory, both in NYC, USA by now.

 (Photo intervention by Dioscórides Pérez)


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