Mónica Zenizo



Mónica Zenizo trained as dentist and photographer. Born in Mexico D.F. in 1962 and in living in Veracruz since 1991, she has been developing as a cultural manager and photographer in many projects since 2009.

Former director of Espiral Creativa, a cultural Project that in 2013 got the PACMYC prize for developing a documentary work, recording interviews of the histories and lifes of people who has been working in the historic downtown of Veracruz for about 50 years.

Mónica has been studying many artistic disciplines like:

-“Cinematography” with the winner of the golden beer in Berlín, Paula Markovitch

-“Photography” and “Cultural Management” with Leonel García

-“Searching the light” and “Portraits” with Álvaro Balderas

-“The night” with Yolanda Andrade.

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