Aimee Lee


Aimee Lee is a US-born interdisciplinary artist working across performance, installation, and book arts media, interested in personal storytelling and an endless traveller.

With a BA in Visual Arts from Ohio’s Oberlin College and a MFA in Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts from Columbia College in Chicago, her work is exhibited in many different international and US art shows, and she is an active resident artist. She was a Fulbright recipient in South Korea, researching the history, practice, and contemporary use of Hanji, which is traditional Korean handmade paper. She writes  the book Hanji Unfurled,  published by The Legacy Press. Visit


One thought on “Aimee Lee

  1. Hello Aimee, I just at last took time to look properly at your website And I like your work. Thank you !

    I send your website adress to colleages of mine who live in Denmark. I think they should be interested in looking at what you do.
    here is there website., there names are Klavs Weiss and Karen Havskog.

    see your pictures on eyes… love Agnes


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