Denisse Moreno

Denisse Moreno [etcetera.fields], is a mexican-born in the late 70’s, since then she has been died and reborn, fighting her own battles, so many times that is impossible to keep counting. A self taught learner of everything that catches her attention, has a definition that suits her best: Artisan apprentice. She earned a Degree in Communications science at the Universidad Iberoamericana long time ago.

She has been following herself thru all the pictures and writings that she has been treasured inspired by her relation with places and others. Likes to build, break in pieces and reconstruct everything, a recipe, a painting, a relationship and even her moral code. But one thing has never changed: The challenge to live a life ruled by respect for the otherness, the life and herself.  She’s an avid reader of everything that can be symbolized.
Living in Bangkok for a while, Mother in love, love of her Love.







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