Elizabeth Ross

The instigator of this project is a self trained artist in as many disciplines as she can put her hands/intellect/body/technology on. She works from her need to produce/induce change.

One of her main interests lies on the multiple layers of identity, her own and the others’, as the land and her landscapes. Migration and mobility, the challenging status of nomadism, the politics of ritual and resistance and the direct interaction with the community, are also central to her work.

She comes from clay and feels comfortable working with multimedia as well as land art, performing ritual axions as well as writing or teaching, lecturing and holding a diversity of workshops aimed to intertwine arts with common everyday life.

She founds and directs 5célula, a nonprofit organization that links art and communities in México and 3Multiverse in Spain. Also founds i d e n t i d a d e s, an international residency/encounter aimed on relate art, street, environment, memory, community and politics together.

Since 2003 she prefers to show and make art in the streets and public spaces and promote collective art actions and projects.

She was born in Mexico City, a Spanish citizen and a traveling witch.

To know more, visit www.elizabethrossmx.com,
elizabethrossmx.blogspot.com / elizabethrossmx.wordpress.com
MMX::artistas mexicanas en el 2010

photo: IB


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