Florence Babin

Florence Babin selfportraitFlorence BABIN is a French artist, she lives and works in Paris. After having studied Literature she became a photographer and made live reports of music (pop-rock gigs). In 1995 she was a victim of fire, in which she lost all her photographic works and her cameras. Then, she went back to University where she studied Contemporary Art, and specialized in video works (video art, installations) and performances. Her first works were haunted by the notions of shadows and reflects, marks, traces ; and during her years of research, she used as an obvious fact fire as a medium. In 2004, the subject she graduated with, was around the dialectic : desire of flight/falling, from the myth of Icarus. Also interested in Contemporary Dance, she broaches the issues of “body in movements” and “editing-works as a choreography”. Most of the time she films herself and her last videos are about how to talk about self-portrait by video. Another recurring subject is childhood.
Since she graduated, her works are shown in numerous Festivals and exhibitions in France and Europe.
She continues photography as an echo to her video practice with a constant reference to cinema : whether it is on the content (self fiction/fiction) or on the form (documentary/report). Since 2010 she practices the sticking of posters (still of one of her videos) outside, on the walls of towns where her videos were screened before, always with the idea to leave a trace of her artwork.


(videography and what’s on)
http: //www.lespixelsaffichent.blogspot.com
(action of sticking posters outside)

Florence Babin is on facebook :


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