Lau Mun Leng

Born in Malaysia, multimedia artist Lau Mun Leng studied in Institute of Malaysia, graduated with fine art, major oil painting and drawing.

She specializes in the production of digital artworks, media and interactive video and audio installation featured over the last few years in Germany, Nederland, UK and France. She also produced experimental audio and video, she is actively involved in the different arts scene, organizing events and collaborating on various project with musical, dancer and architecture. Over her artistic career, Mun Leng has participated in several of group exhibition such 3 Young Contemporaries, Valentine Willie Fine Art, The Young Contemporaries Art Awards Exhibition.

She had her first solo exhibition end of 2003 and she got her MA in Brighton,UK, where she lives. She participatd as a distance artist in identidades.04 with the Reading Project and in an off exhibit in the Bienale de Venezia 2009.

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her myspace: experimentalsign

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